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Want to use your wardrobe space more efficiently? Wish your clothing and accessories were easier to access? Almara Cabinets stock a range of smartly designed wardrobe fittings, so you can make the best use of wardrobe space and enjoy ease of access to your ties, belts, trousers, scarfs and other accessories.

These robust, yet discrete hanging systems fit neatly into your wardrobe’s pre-existing dimensions, so you don’t have to undertake major home renovations to acquire more hanging space. These units can thus improve your storage affordably.

Wishing you could better organise your clothing as well? The beauty of these accessories is all in the organisation: you have your selection of belts, ties, scarfs and other items to choose from, all right at your fingertips. Find the right accessory and complete your look for the day.

Care for Your Clothing
Handle & Accessories

Even if your wardrobe space is limited, your clothes needn’t be stuffed and shoved into drawers. We all know that this leads to extra ironing – which no one wants! These hangers allow you to keep your clothes unwrinkled and in good condition.

Maintaining the quality of your clothes, belts, and other accessories is easier with Almara Cabinets. You can also protect your clothes against moths and other pests that love crammed drawers. The fact is, overstuffed drawers will deteriorate your clothes more rapidly.

Almara Cabinets use materials in hangers that are purposefully gentler on your clothes, especially delicates. The metal of wire hangers can discolour clothes over time, whereas these hangers are designed with protection of your clothes in mind.

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