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"They are exactly what i wanted, and look great in my laundry. Tony & Slade did a great job in putting it all together. I will be contacting you soon again, this time to talk about fitting some new wardrobes." - Barbara Quinn

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Discover the 3 Types of Wardrobes Built In

With the smart and elegant design of wardrobes built in, you no longer have to worry about the clutter in your room as your stuff can already be stored neatly in place. Plus, you will be able to have instant access to them, especially if you are the type of person who wants to make everything quick and easy. If you are currently planning to have this kind of wardrobe installed in your home, you have to know its 3 different types in order for you to make the right choice.  

They are as follows:

  • Carcase – This is known as the simplest wardrobe type due to its design. Most homeowners prefer this than any other wardrobes built in because it can be installed instantly. Plus, it can also be reconstructed, deconstructed and constructed at will for an easier wardrobe system. If you want your room to look as simple and as organized as possible, Carcase wardrobe can be your perfect choice.
  • Frame – This type of wardrobe is designed to provide you with a fast and easy access to your items. This is also perfect to install in a room that comes with a sloped ceiling. Nothing limits how deep the wardrobe can be with this design and you can have it installed anywhere. So, if you want a versatile wardrobe that can live up to your expectations, you should go for the frame type. Once it is installed in your room, you will be able to maximize its space and bring out the best in it.
  • Sliding door – This type of wardrobe can be easily incorporated into any bedroom design, and you can even make use of the door in installing a big mirror that can make your room more spacious. This is the right wardrobe design for a room filled with different pieces of furniture. Aside from the fact that you can make it as deep as you want, you also don’t have to spend a fortune because it is less expensive than other wardrobe styles available. Thus, a sliding door wardrobe can give you the best of both worlds.

These 3 types of wardrobes built in are usually found in most homes around the globe, and you will find that the wide array of options give you a chance to customize your room the way you want.
Choosing the right wardrobe is about assessing your personal space and the design you want. To find the perfect wardrobe that will fit the décor of your room, visiting a website or a showroom of the best wardrobe designs is a good idea.

Getting the right wardrobes built in installed in your home is an easy task when it is done by professionals as they have expertise and experience in the field. When everything is finished, you no longer have to worry about storing your stuff and keeping your room clean, organized and clutter-free.

So, what else are you waiting for? Why don’t you choose the right wardrobes built in that will suit your home now?

For more information about Walk In Wardrobes Designs & Fitted Wardrobes visit our website.

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