Wonderful Wardrobe Fittings

What are wardrobe fittings? It simply refers to accessories that can be used as extra storage and is mounted inside the wardrobe. Rails are the most common of wardrobe fittings which can be used to hang your dresses and suits. Rails are similar to plastic or wire hangers and you can include more than one rail to hang clothes of different lengths. For instance, you can have one rail mounted slightly higher than the next rail for longer length clothing and shorter length clothing respectively. Yu can mount a range of wardrobe fittings such as mirrors, belt and tie organizers, shoe trays, shirt trays and trouser racks.

Shoe racks or trays can be fitted at the bottom of the wardrobe. You can easily keep your shoes neatly organized as long as you have a shoe rack or tray. This will prevent your shoes from getting damaged and too much exposure to sunlight. The rack can be tiered in order to allow for multiple pairs of shoes to be stored in one place. You can stack your shoes one on top of the other without causing any damage. There are other types of shoe trays which can hang from a rail, where you can arrange your shoes vertically instead of horizontally. Shirt trays are similar to shelves that are another kind of wardrobe fitting. Shirt trays are made of wire, wood or even metal. There is a functional purpose to shirt trays where extra storage space is allocated for sweaters and folded shirts and other clothing items which will not do good to hang from the hanger. Shirt trays are not necessarily for shirts only; it can be also used to store shoes, hats, socks, underwear and even pants.

Other commonly used wardrobe fittings include, belt and tie organizers as these do not take too much space. You can mount belt and tie organizers on the wardrobe doors to use up this unused space. These organizers are helpful in the case that belts and ties are kept from getting tangled up together. You can conveniently locate your favorite belt or tie, and without damaging the belt or creasing the tie. Mirrors can be mounted on the outside of the wardrobe doors as well as the inside of it. You can mount small mirrors useful for viewing your face and chest; it can also be a full length mirror depending on your needs and the wardrobe size. Some mirrors have a sold backing, whilst others have a softer backing.

You can place bins along the upper shelves of your wardrobe to create extra space. For instance, clear acrylic shelves can be used to store shoes. Opaque containers or bins can also be used as wardrobe fittings and you can identify the contents by labeling them. Children’s wardrobes are often mounted with colored plastic bins that add brightness to the inside of a built in wardrobe. These bins are usually ideal for kids’ toys. Other purposeful wardrobe fittings include freestanding drawers. These drawers may be large or small and hold scarves or jewelry.

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