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Walk in Wardrobes Designs and Solutions from Almara Cabinet

Walk In Wardrobes Designs Ideas

If you want to have access to your footwear, accessories and clothing in just one location, you need to consider getting a walk-in wardrobe installed in your home. However, in order to make the most of it, you have to use the space efficiency. This way, you will be able to store all your items and belongings in the right place, so you can already say goodbye to mess and clutter. Plus, you can make your room cleaner and more organized than ever before.

In order to have the best walk-in wardrobe, there are some great ideas that can do the trick. They are as follows:

Drawers and Shelves

Storage shelves enable you to have a spot where you can keep your folded garments. In order to find your clothing pieces faster and easier, you have to select a drawer or shelf for each type that has a complementing walk in wardrobes designs. In fact, you can even swap the garments kept on the shelves with the clothing in accordance with the season. For instance, you can store away your summer garments in drawers during the winter season and hang your cold weather wardrobe and heavy sweaters.


Hanging shoe storage can store a wide array of accessories like cosmetics, scarves and hair ties. In order to de-clutter the top of your bathroom shelves and dresser as well as to store small items, you need to make use of pouches. Walk-in wardrobes also come with small drawers for storing accessories and jewelry. However, to make them classier, make sure that you customize the walk in wardrobes designs.

Vertical Space

To take advantage of your wardrobe space, you should make use of the space up to the top of it. Store the stuff you do not wear often on the highest closets and shelves, but keep your favorites at arm’s length. The top closets/shelves of the unit are also a great place to have your pillows, blankets and linens stored. When you maximize your wardrobe space, you can give your room a major transformation. This is the reason why walk in wardrobes designs must be well-thought of.

Shoe Storage

In order to keep all your shoes organized, try installing cubbies in your walk-in wardrobe. This can be considered as one of the most ideal walk in wardrobes designs that you can incorporate. Isn’t it that piling shoes all over the floor can make it hard to search for the ones you need? Just a single space for every shoe pair in a wardrobe is huge enough to perfectly accommodate it.

Floor Storage

The floor is a common place where shoes are stored. However, you can turn it into an extraordinary one by simply making use of decorative hatboxes that will keep them tucked away and neat. You can store there your hats and lingerie.


Lighting can also create wonders to your walk-in wardrobe. In order to bring out the best in it, you should choose the right light fixtures and colors. If you don’t know which colors will best complement your wardrobe, ask assistance from an interior designer.   

These are some of the best walk in wardrobes designs ideas that can turn your walk-in wardrobe into a perfect one. By simply incorporating them, you no longer have to worry about how and where to store your items and stuff.

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