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Which is Which for Walk in Robe Fit Out

When planning to get a walk in robe fit out installed, you will surely find it hard to choose the type of wardrobe door and closet that will perfectly complement it. To help you decide, read this article.

Generally, the wardrobe door comes in two types: hinged doors and sliding doors.

Hinged Doors

These are the common choices for classic walk in robe fit out layouts. They are usually hung on hinges and rotate out as they are opened. Almost all free standing, walk-in and fitted wardrobes make use of hinged options due to a variety of reasons. First, these doors are easy to open and close. Second, they can stand the test of time. Third, they can easily be replaced. However, it also comes with some disadvantages. A hinged style needs more space as it must be swung outward in order to open. It is also less sturdy and thinner than the sliding style. If installed incorrectly, this may also leave scratches to the floor.

Sliding Doors

These wardrobe doors make use of a plain track to close and open. They also give a more contemporary feel to the walk in robe fit out. Unlike hinged doors, sliding doors need less space to open as it is simply slid back and forth. They are also thicker and sturdier. Plus, your floor will not get scratched because they operate within a track. However, they also have some drawbacks. When the sliding track of the wardrobe is damaged, sliding doors can no longer be opened and closed easily.

As you will notice, both walk in robe fit out types come with their fair share of pros and cons. It is still you who needs to make the final choice. However, make sure that you will not have any regrets in the end.

Apart from doors, you also need to consider other things before getting your walk in robe fit out installed. One of these is closets, which come in a wide array of seizes and designs. Basically, a walk in robe fit out closet comes with hang bars and hooks, several garment racks, shoe cubbies, belt racks, host tie racks, dressers and drawers. Just like wardrobe doors, closets also come in two types: walk-in closets and custom walk-in closets.

Walk-in Closet Kits

These kits are very easy to install due to their simple design. Also, they can be reduced or expanded in size according to your preferred requirements. When buying a walk-in closet kit, make sure that the piece of furniture is functional, flexible and durable.

Custom Walk in Closets

These custom closets are quite expensive because they enable you to be more flexible and creative with them. Custom closets are designed to suit your taste and preferences. They are also durable and come in a wide variety of colors, wood materials, sizes and styles. Thus, you can get the one that will perfectly complement your walk-in wardrobe.

To make your walk in robe fit out more beautiful, you have to make the right choice on which door and closet type to install. In doing so, your walk in robe fit out will become more visually appealing than ever before. What are you waiting for? Choose now!

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