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Organized Bedroom Wardrobes

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Bedroom Wardrobes Solutions from Almara Cabinet

How to Organize Bedroom Wardrobes

Bedroom wardrobes are a huge storage area with hangers, cupboards, drawers and shelves that you can walk into. A well-designed and well-organized bedroom wardrobe with tidily arranged accessories, shoes and clothes is not just visually appealing, but enhances the storage space as well. To remove clutter in your wardrobe, why don’t you install walk-in organizers? Though it is quite time-consuming, organizing bedroom wardrobes will benefit you in the long run.

First, you have to eliminate all the items from the wardrobe and pile them on neat sheets spread all over the floor. Divide the garments into bundles like accessories, undergarments, caps, dresses, scarves, sweaters, sweats, casual shirts, formal pants and dress shirts. Separate the items that you will not wear or the ones that you have to discard. If necessary, vacuum the wardrobe while everything is down and line the shelves with clean paper sheets.

It is also important to figure out how you want things to go back in the racks and shelves in the walk-in wardrobe. Since the wardrobe is a personal space that mirrors a person’s taste and style, you have to envision how you want it to appear.  

Hang your jackets and formal clothes. Have a cupboard dedicated to your dress shirts and formal pants, so they are hanged together. Make use of multi-pant hangers that can minimize the space taken by dresses and enable you to group pants with similar colors. In the cupboard, hang the formal dresses, but not in front as this space must be reserved for items which you use often.

Fold sweaters, pants and shirts and store them on separate shelves. These are the items that you wear every day, so they must be kept at arm’s length.
Your undergarments and lingerie must be placed in the drawers. Fold them in order to create piles of silks and casuals. If necessary, add small drawer chests.

In order to save out-of-season accessories and clothing, they must be packed in bags and tote boxes. Put the boxes on a separate cupboard or in the highest shelf in the shelving unit if the walk-in wardrobe is huge.

In order to save floor space, a shoe organizer must be hanged in the corner of bedroom wardrobes. Based on the number of footwear you have, make sure that all pairs are kept in the organizer and the formals are placed in the unit’s lowest shelf.

Mount hooks in the shelf for purses, belts and scarves. Do you have a rack space? Then put the accessories in various storage boxes and place them on racks. You can also make use of vertical belt and tie the racks to hang several accessories without taking too much space.

These are just some of the ways on how to organize bedroom wardrobes. By keeping your very own bedroom wardrobe clean and organized, you will not find it hard to search for the items and garments that you want in an instant. Plus, it will look visually appealing. Now that you already know how to organize your bedroom wardrobes, why don’t you give your wardrobe a makeover?

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